Abend Team

The Abend Team consists of event promoters and developers.
Based in Berlin, the center of the European nightlife and startup scene.

Photo of Anna Harbaum
Anna Harbaum
Photo of Bernd Hacker
Bernd Hacker
Photo of Cim Topal
Cim Topal
App Marketing
Photo of Emin Mahrt
Emin Mahrt
Founder / CEO Abend App
Photo of Lukas Benedix
Lukas Benedix
Photo of Moritz Stellmacher
Moritz Stellmacher
Founder / CEO
Photo of Pablo Holter
Pablo Holter
Account Manager
Photo of Richard Kirschstein
Richard Kirschstein
Founder / CEO
Photo of Sencer Seymen
Sencer Seymen
Account Manager
Photo of Till Kolter
Till Kolter
Photo of Valentin Schöndienst
Valentin Schöndienst
Founder / Business