Customer stories

Since April '15 we are working with as our partner in social media marketing. The statistics and figures speak for themselves and we have experienced significant improvement through The individual campaigns are more successful. Remarkable are the optimized target groups, which are achieved through Here lies the unique strength of The FACTORY Bayreuth is looking forward to future collaboration!

Peter Heinz • Medienmanager • FABRIK Bayreuth

The founders of the company Abend know both, the club scene and Facebook. Even when they still gave parties themselves, their events were well attended due to promotion via Facebook. Based on this success they founded Abend to support other club owners during the promotion for their event. Abend only uses Facebook for precise communication.


The advantage for us lies in the fact that Abend has a very good monitoring system. Since we have on average ten own events per month, it is really important to keep track of what happens and how high the reach or the increase interest per event is. Furthermore, I was delighted with the success. Lower costs and more Responses! Definitely one of the best tools for event promotion that we have used up to now

Benedikt Ölz • Social Media Manager • Pratersauna & Lighthouse Festival