Frequently Asked Questions

How do you optimize my campaign advertising costs?

Showing your event costs money. The Abend algorithm takes care that only interested people get to see your event.

  • We try to avoid to show a person the same ad multiple times 
  • We stop to show your event to people who are not interestet (people who dont click)
  • We have a cost saving bidding strategy and change bids and budgets based on your campaign performance around the clock
  • We test different bid types like CPM, CPC, oCPM to get your event into the newsfeed as cheap and effective as possible
  • We save your event campaign data and audiences. On every rebooking we start with the optimal settings into your campaign
  • We split the budget over the time of your campaign to use it in the most effective way
  • We test regularly new target audiences based on our past campaigns. Our knowledge and algorithm shows which target groups work best over time for your event.
  • We are always up-to-date with Facebook changes and new and exclusive features. If we see them as useful for you, we will integrate them rapidly

We optimize your campaign cost by:

  • small, specific audience = low cost (people who see your event)
  • high reaction, great interest = many attendees and event views (clicks)

We are looking for a small, specific audience with a huge interest in your event.

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