Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Abend instead of using Facebook directly?

Creating successful Facebook campaigns is difficult and time consuming. We do the work for you. We create your ads, identify your audiences, evaluate and optimize the results automatically.
No human hand can do what our software can do. We can make Facebook ads faster, better and cheaper than anybody else. 

You can invest your time in planning your event and we do the advertising on Facebook for you.

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How does Abend work?

You decide which event you want to promote and how much money you want to spend. Abend simplifies and automates the process. We create your ad and optimize your target groups automatically by using the information of your event. We also measure activity and interest of every audience and optimize costs continually. Our algorithm is direclty connected to Facebook API, that's why we have access to exclusive data and statistics.

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How much does Abend cost?

You set the budget for your optimized Facebook campaign. 
We recommend a minimum budget of 50€. Facebook gets 70% for ad placements inside the newsfeed. Abend gets 30% of your campaign budget for creating your ad, identifying your audiences, optimizing and monitoring your campaign 24/7.

Customers who spend more than 1000 € a month receive special conditions.

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Which audiences do you show my event?

Abend finds those people who are directly connected to your event.

Showing your event costs money. The Abend algorithm takes care that only interested people get to see your event (without spamming and disturbing). This is how you save advertising costs.

  • We automatically create target groups based on your event data and our historical data from similar events
  • We can target specific audiences, which are exclusivly accessible through the Facebook Marketing API
  • We automatically test new target groups based on the best performing one of your campaign

There are three major target group pools:

  1. People connected to the host
  2. People connected to the venue
  3. Individual and extended audiences based on the advertised event

Connected to the host

  • people who like the page of the host
  • people who attended past events of the host
  • people who clicked/viewed a past event of the host
  • friends of the fans from the host
  • friends of event attendees
  • friends of people who attended past events of the host

Connected to the venue

  • people who like the venue
  • people who attended past events of the venue
  • people who clicked/viewed a past event of the venue
  • friends of people who like the venue
  • friends of ...
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How do you optimize my campaign advertising costs?

Showing your event costs money. The Abend algorithm takes care that only interested people get to see your event.

  • We try to avoid to show a person the same ad multiple times 
  • We stop to show your event to people who are not interestet (people who dont click)
  • We have a cost saving bidding strategy and change bids and budgets based on your campaign performance around the clock
  • We test different bid types like CPM, CPC, oCPM to get your event into the newsfeed as cheap and effective as possible
  • We save your event campaign data and audiences. On every rebooking we start with the optimal settings into your campaign
  • We split the budget over the time of your campaign to use it in the most effective way
  • We test regularly new target audiences based on our past campaigns. Our knowledge and algorithm shows which target groups work best over time for your event.
  • We are always up-to-date with Facebook changes and new and exclusive features. If we see them as useful for you, we will integrate them rapidly

We optimize your campaign cost by:

  • small, specific audience = low cost (people who see your event)
  • high reaction, great interest = many ...
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How can I recharge credit and book my first campaign?

Use your Facebook account to log in and enter the necessary information about your account. Click campaigns, to recharge your credit via Paypal. As soon as you charged your credit click “promote event”, paste the event link and choose the budget. 

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You don't have Paypal?

You can easily create a guest account with your credit card.

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Why do you need the advertiser permission of my page?

We need the advertising rights to create and manage ads on Facebook for you. We don't have access to your account or messages, can't post or change our role. We can only promote your event. 

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Why is my campaign so expensive?

To show your event on Facebook costs money, we use your advertising budget for this.
If only a few people of your audience react to your ad, single responses get more expensive. Suitable audiences are for example fans of your page, your artists or guests of your former events. We can still show your event to these users and see if more people react or we stop the campaign.

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Will you always spend the whole budget for a campaign?

We try to get the best possible results with your budget. We take care that your event responses are as cheap as possible. If you are not happy with the results of an ad we turn it off. Your remaining budget will be refunded to your Abend account.

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Why is my campaign not delivering?

The most common reason why your campaign stops is that your event cover has more then 20% text in it. If your campaign stops you lose valuable time. Thats why we recommend to check your event cover, before starting the promotion. Facebook also prohibits the promotion of sexual content, tabacco and alcohol to people younger than 16 years. We always try to reactivate your campaign as soon as possible. If you notice anything unusual, tell us in our live chat or via mail.
You can always upload and check your event cover here:

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How long does my budget last?

Our goal is it to spend your money steadily during the whole campaign duration.
If your campaign runs very well and gets responses for a low price your budget might be spent earlier. On the other hand budget may be left when the responses are too expensive an the campaign doesn't go the way you expected.

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Where do I see the status of my campaign?

After starting a campaign you can always check its status at your dashboard. On the left side you can click on “campaigns” and see all relevant data. Reach, clicks, interaction and responses are displayed clearly.

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I still have a question, can you help me?

Of course we can help you, send us an email or text us in the support chat (bottom right). We will help you as soon as possible.


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